Classes taught through Bothell Parks and Rec.

Belly Dance: Beginners - Wednesdays 7pm at the Lytle House
(Ages 15 & up)

Learn the art of belly dance while developing personal strength, supportive body awareness, and deepening cultural appreciation. Award-winning instructor and performer, Michelle, teaches this fun, low-impact dance in a comfortable welcoming atmosphere. Classes will consist of a warm up, drills, and fun music and dance with an occasional mini-lesson on culture and history. Please wear comfortable workout clothes and a hip scarf or belt. Shoes are not necessary, but if you need arch support or have foot issues many dance supply stores carry specialty jazz or ballet slippers. 

If you miss the first few classes of a session or just want to try a class the drop in price is $15.

Class registration information

Register for classes here by searching for bellydance
Find out more class information under teen/adult classes here

Fall Sessions

  • FA1900251 - Sep 25th - Oct 30th Wed (7 - 8 PM)

  • FA1900252 - Nov 6th - Dec 18th Wed (7 - 8 PM)

Questions about class or private lessons? Let me know.

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Useful Links for Students-

Shira.Net - Practically a one stop shop of starting out on any bellydance research journey, Shira is usually the first place I look to check information.

Shira dot net