Performance - Your Event


I take the time to TAILOR my program to your event to provide the best show possible.

Each event is special. It is essential to me to prepare a show that is the best fit for your event. To do so, I offer a variety of show lengths and options so that we can choose what is best for your occasion. For example, for a surprise performance for a birthday party I would recommend a non-stop act of 20-25 minutes to get the party going. Bridal or baby showers are perfect for a performance followed by a mini-lesson. For larger events, multiple short acts with audience interaction can work nicely with the flow of the occasion. Gala events and weddings may call for a theater-style performance with thrilling props such as isis wings or candelabra, or the addition of live musicians. When preparing my program for an event I take all of these factors into consideration to provide a show that perfectly fits the client’s vision.

Every audience is unique. For some, belly dance is part of their culture and celebrations. It is important to me to know traditions and fully understand client expectations in order to create the best show possible.  The program I would create for a Lebanese audience is different from what I would select for Egyptian, Turkish or Indian communities. Each audience has its own preferences in music, dance, props and costumes, which I will work with the client to accommodate. For those who are new to belly dance, I will select music in a variety of moods and tempos for a performance that will hold your guests’ attention and leave them delighted.

Finger cymbals will get your audiences attention

Swing veil flags are an exciting prop

Shamadan traditional Egyptian dance

Along with belly dance Michelle’s shows can include props and folklore styles such as:

  • Sword

  • Shamadan - Candelabra

  • Veil Flags - Isis wings

  • Egyptian Folklore (Saidi, Baladi, Ghawazee, Shamadan)

  • Gulf Region Folklore (Khaleegi , Banderi, Iraqi Kawleeya dance )

Dancer with drummer or live music

To add the “wow” factor to your event even more it is possible to arrange a live drummer or band to accompany Michelle in her show. There is nothing to compare to the energy of live music combined with Michelle’s engaging performance. Please contact Michelle via the booking form for more information.

Only the best for your unique event!

Along with paying attention to your event details, music, props and making each show unique and special, Michelle only uses high end costumes to add sparkle and pizzazz to your event!

Please be advised that due to a high volume of performance inquires Michelle books performances on a first-come-first-serve basis. To guarantee her availability, a timely booking is recommended.